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– GEA implores public to be ‘Auto-smart’The Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) is urging vehicular drivers to be more “Auto-smart” in light of the alarming fact that the transport sector has emerged as the “largest consumer” of the country’s petrol imports.The Agency noted that Guyana imported 4.9 million barrels of petroleum-based products in 2012 (the equivalent of 13,[url=http://www.cheapjerseyssupply.us/]NFL Jerseys Supply[/url],320 barrels per day), which represents 13.42% more than 2011.This consisted of diesel, fuel oil,[url=http://www.wholesalenfljerseyssale.us.com/]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url], gasoline, kerosene and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).Dr. Mahender Sharma,[url=http://www.cheapnfljerseysonsale.us/]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url], Chief Executive Officer of GEAHowever, what came as a surprise to the Agency is that a recent analysis of sector consumption revealed that the transport division accounted for the largest share of petroleum imports.This sector, driven mainly by the need for gasoline and diesel, due primarily to the growing vehicle fleet in the country,[url=http://www.salecheapjerseys.us.com/]NFL Jerseys China Wholesale[/url], accounts for 38% of the total petroleum imports for 2012, thereby earning the title of being the country’s ‘largest energy user’.The Agency noted that energy conservation messages seldom target the transport sector and more specifically, those who own and operate motor vehicles.However, the fact that the transport sector accounts for the largest share of imported petroleum, indicated to the company that the sector needs to be included in their messages on energy conservation (and energy efficiency) with specific reference to motor vehicle users.Dr. Mahender Sharma, Chief Executive Officer of GEA said, “…the rational and efficient use of energy requires behavioural changes to avoid unnecessary energy consumption so the question that arises is,[url=http://www.wholesalejerseys2018.us.com/]NFL Jerseys 2018[/url], how can we conserve energy when using a motor vehicle? The answer really is quite simple….by being ‘Auto Smart’. By simply combining errands into one trip, one can save on fuel consumption.”“The fact is that several short trips taken from a cold start can use twice as much fuel as one trip covering the same distance. Public transportation vehicles like minibuses and taxis can attain greater fuel economy by operating within prescribed speed limits and rapid acceleration.”Also, “Ensuring tyres are properly aligned and inflated, using air conditioners only when needed, and taking unnecessary weight out of the vehicle are all ways in which they can consume less fuel.”He expressed that once adopted and practiced; these measures will not only benefit one’s wallet but will positively impact the economy and environment.The GEA also advised that there are other measures which can be implemented for better gas mileage/fuel efficiency.They suggested that vehicle owners consider buying a smaller and more fuel efficient vehicle which will consume less fuel and will not harm the environment.It is also suggested that the windows of vehicles be opened on hot days to cool the vehicle before turning on the air conditioner since a car’s air conditioner is an added burden on the engine.They recommended too, that vehicle users do not force vehicles to speed on lower gear,[url=http://www.authenticjerseyscheap.us.com/]Wholesale Authentic NFL Jerseys[/url], to avoid traffic jam routes, to use overdrive gears and cruise control when necessary, and to close windows at higher speeds as open windows increase wind resistance and force the engine to work harder.

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