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Fishermen given option of fine,Wholesale Jerseys USA, boat seizure or face court Several Guyanese fishermen who were arrested earlier this month for illegally fishing in Suriname waters could come home since prosecutors in that neighboring county are not inclined to prosecute.However, the 23 fishermen have to pay their fines and agree to the seizure of their boats, seines, fish cages and other equipment to Suriname if they wish to avoid a jail sentence once found guilty. This was confirmed by Surinamese Prosecutor, General Subhas Punwasi, to Kaieteur News correspondent, Ivan Cairo, on Thursday. Three of the detained fishermen have reportedly paid their fines and are to come home shortly.According to Punwasi,Cheap Jerseys Supply, a trial could last up to several months and if eventually the suspects are sentenced and their belongings confiscated, they could appeal, a process that could extend the process for several years.On May 31, some 15 fishermen were arrested by Surinamese authorities after fishermen there complained that they were being harassed by their Guyanese counterparts. Two days later, eight more were arrested. Five fishing vessels were also seized.“By the time the appeal could be disposed of by the Court of Justice, the boats for instance would have lost most of their value or perhaps become worthless. It could also be possible that by that time, the government would have paid more money to lodge the vessels than they will be worth,” Punwasi explained. Referring to several cases in which the authorities seized airplanes used for cocaine transportation, the Prosecutor argued that these planes currently are wasting away on an airfield since the Court of Justice has to determine their status because the jailed owners are appealing their sentences.To avoid a similar situation, the Guyanese were given the choice of turning over the vessels, paying the fine and escaping prosecution and certain jail time.According to Punwasi, the suspects have agreed and in doing so the government has become the legal owner of the vessels.This path has been chosen by the judicial authorities, he said, to ensure that the same vessels are not used again in the future to “plunder” Suriname’s fishing grounds. Since they have violated the Law on Economic Activities, these matters could be settled out of courts with a fine.However, suspects who can’t pay the fines will be prosecuted. They risk up to six years in prison if convicted.On Thursday, Richard Griffith whose two brothers, Ray and Michael, and another family friend are still in custody, said the situation is getting desperate since the court has fined the captains US$5,000 each and crewmen, US$2,Cheap NFL Shop,000 each.Admitting that from all likelihood the Guyanese fishermen were indeed in Suriname waters, Griffith said that his family was only able to raise about $350,000 in local currency.“They appearing again next week in court. We don’t know where else to turn to now,” the speedboat captain said.Griffith is willing to pledge his land transport to anyone willing to lend him $1.8 million for the fines that would free his brothers and their friend. But time is running out.“Ah visited them Saturday in Paramaribo lockups but the fines gotta be paid.”While Surinamese authorities are not commenting much, relatives have turned to the Guyana embassy in Suriname which has provided some information as to the fishermen’s status.“These people got children and wives. They want to know when their family coming home. All we asking for is some more time and somebody who could help us. We willing to wuk and pay them back,” Griffith pleaded to Kaieteur News yesterday. It is the same situation with Marilyn, from Berbice, whose relative, Sachin Basdeo, 18, went out on his first fishing trip, was arrested and is in jail. He has to find US$2,000 in fines or face jail.He was working on one of three boats that belonged to a prominent fishing company on the East Bank Demerara.On Thursday, Minister of Foreign Affairs,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Carolyn Rodrigues, acknowledged that relatives of some of the fishermen had appealed for information, and from requests from the Suriname authorities,Wholesale China Jerseys, was able to determine that 23 persons were arrested.“We are continuing to vigorously seek information on the men’s whereabouts in Suriname and hopefully soon, we will tell the family.”However, the Minister pointed out that from the information received, the fishermen violated Suriname’s Fishing Act and Law on Economic Activity and these were among some of the main reasons they were charged.The official also pointed out that when foreign fishing vessels operate illegally in Guyana, they are punished also.The arrests were made between May 31 and June 2 by the Joint Operation Centre, Suriname’s Defense Minister,Wholesale Soccer Jerseys, Ivan Fernald had confirmed.Fernald noted that the unit acted upon information and intelligence gathered overtime regarding illegal fishing activities in Suriname’s coastal waters. The clampdown was spearheaded by the Navy of the Surinamese National Army.During the latter part of May, Surinamese fishermen staged a demonstration to protest against alleged harassment from illegal Guyanese fishermen in Surinamese waters. Protesters were demanding stricter law enforcement at sea by the government and actions to prevent further incidents.Recently, Guyana and Suriname signed an agreement on enhanced cooperation between the two countries to fight crime and share information, among other things.

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